2017 Virginia Crime Statistics


  • There were 437,369 Group A Offenses reported by the contributing agencies.

  • The total number of incidents of crime was 394,187 and the month of August had the greatest number reported.

  • Of the 18,645 violent crimes reported, 50% occurred in the residence/home.

  • There were 5,736 victims of the 5,442 forcible sex offenses reported by the contributing agencies; where gender was recorded, 86.4% of the victims were female.

  • The theft of money accounted for a property loss of $76,770,476.

  • Firearms represented 27.3% of all known weapons used in aggravated assaults. Of all victims of aggravated assault, 63.7% had some type of injury.

  • There was a total value loss of $86,025,726 related to 9,801 completed motor vehicle offenses.

  • There were 135,409 Group A arrests reported by the contributing agencies and 147,578 Group B arrests reported.

  • There were 1,654 assaults on officers reported in Virginia. Just over one-quarter (28.1%) involved some type of injury to the officer.

  • Of the 202 hate crime offenses reported, 40.6% of these were assault offenses and 46.0% were vandalism/damage of property offenses.